Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you fit in one Create It event?

We can accommodate up to 30 people in our facility, but we try to have about 20 people to allow ample space and artist time to each guest.

What size painting will I create?

We use 16" x 20" canvases at our Create It events.

What if I have never painted before?

Our artist-in-residence is very good at walking you step-by-step through the painting and is always happy to answer questions along the way.

Do I have to paint it exactly like the artist's painting?

No, we encourage you to make this your painting. Use different colors, add elements, remove elements... it is entirely up to you.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself. We provide all of your painting supplies, as well as some snacks and drinks (coffee and water). Bring a friend or make a new one while you are here!

Can I bring my child/grandchild?

Yes, as long as you are comfortable with them being around other adults and alcohol.

How can I find out about upcoming events?

To make sure you get the latest updates, please join our email list or follow us on Facebook.

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